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Raise Money for your School, Team or Organization!

Is your team, club or school organization looking for a new fundraising opportunity? Then, DJM Marketing and The Green Card have what you need! Many of our fundraising products are designed to create community awareness for your team and add to your attendance. DJM Marketing will work with your school, team or other organization to create posters, magnets and pocket schedules with your schedule of events. Or, sell our discount golf card, The Green Card, to help raise funds. Any way you look at it, YOU WIN!

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No High Pressure Sales and No Telemarketing with
ANY of these great fundraising programs:

Kohler Blue Bombers Calendar Poster  

Poster Schedules

Here's how it works:

  • DJM Marketing is responsible for selling 24-28 businesscard-size advertisements to local businesses in your community
  • Ad prices range from $75.00 - $100.00 - based on 2- or 4-color posters
  • DJM Marketing will handle all printing charges
  • DJM Marketing will deliver (60) posters to advertisers with (140) posters going to the school
  • The school provides only their school logo, a team photo (optional) and event schedule
  • The school receives $450 for 2-color posters, or $850 for 4-color posters!

All advertisements are sold business-to-business, with NO telemarketing involved. The size of the poster varies upon the number of ads sold, but will be no smaller than 17x22. Posters are printed on a quality, gloss stock. DJM Marketing will personally distribute the calendars to all advertising businesses before the first game of the season.

DJM Marketing can do a fall, winter, spring or yearly calendar based on your schedules and desire to increase profit. Contact DJM to get YOUR poster schedule today!

Little Chute Magnet Schedule  

6 x 8 Magnets

Here's how it works:

  • DJM Marketing will provide your school with (270) 1-color magnets
  • DJM Marketing will sell (5) ads to local businesses at a cost of $100.00 per ad
  • DJM Marketing will handle all printing charges
  • DJM Marketing will deliver (50) magnets to advertisers with (220) magnets going to the school
  • The school provides only their school logo and sports schedule.
  • That's it!
The Green Card  

The Green Card
Wisconsin's Best Discount Golf Card

The Green Card is an EASY SALE! It sells for only $20.00 and allows the consumer to play (6-8) area golf courses (3) times each at BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.

That comes out to over $700.00 in FREE GOLF! (cart required)

Sell Between:
1-50 Cards School Gets 50% of Sales
51-75 Cards School Gets 60% of Sales
76+ Cards School Gets 65% of Sales

The following cards will be available for the 2021 season:


Don't Wait! Only a limited number of schools can sell in each geographic area. Be one of the first schools in your area to sell the 2021 Green Card.


Pocket Schedules

Samples available
upon request!


Pocket Schedules

Interested in getting pocket schedules for your athletic events?

At NO COST to you, DJM Marketing will provide your school with (1,000) Pocket SCHEDULES on glossy white 80 pound stock. You can do one for fall, winter and spring sports or one with all (3) on them.

The cost is offset by DJM Marketing calling on local businesses interested in putting advertising on the schedules. Ads are very reasonablly priced from $60.00 to $150.00.

All the school provides is the schedule and school logo and THAT'S IT!

You will receive 1,000 Pocket Schedules in your school colors in plenty of time for your scheduled games.


Program Books



(920) 540-0462 or e-mail me at


Program Books


We will provide you a (2) color 8-1/2 x 11 program for your events. The inside of the program will fetaure a roster of both teams, a team photo and updated standings.

Each game your school will be provided with (750-1000) programs (FOLDED) at NO COST TO YOU!  NONE!


D.J.M Marketing will offset the cost of the programs by selling advertising spots. Each spot is a business card size. On the inside of the program, there is a spot for (2) ads that can be changed for each game. There is also room for ads on the back cover THE ADS ARE.  VERY VERY REASONABLE WITH EXCELLENT EXPOSURE! The Front Cover can be designed by You!

Programs will be shipped to your school in plenty of time for the game.